Personal Fitness Trainer, Zoe Albright

Over The Past 20 Years , She Has Helped Thousands Regain There Health

Personal Fitness Trainer Zoe AlbrightZoe Albright is a SUPERSTAR Personal Fitness Trainer in Las Vegas, Nevada!

I first met Zoe about 6 years ago at LVAC, Las Vegas Athletic Club on Maryland and Karen in Las Vegas. I would see her running group classes, working with private clients and putting in solid workouts for herself.  From time to time I’d jump in on some of her group classes.

As a trainer, she is FOCUSED, DRIVEN, KNOWLEDGABLE, and loves to make working out FUN! It’s no surprise, she is one of LVAC’s favorite trainers!

She has been  a big supporter and part of my personal health journey for number of years. As a matter of fact, Zoe was one of my personal sponsors for my Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb in 2012.

Give a Quick Listen as Zoe Shares Some Wisdom!

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UFC Fighters Giving Back To Kids Fighting For Their Lives

UFC's Urijah Faber At Sunrise Children's HospitalDuring UFC Fight Week, Which Included UFC 189,  A Few Big Name UFC Fighters Took The Time To Visit With Some Kids in a REAL FIGHT.

UFC Fight Week is always busy with Events, Parties, Meet & Greets, and a Big Fight at the end of the week, and UFC 189 was a big fight!

In the middle of UFC Fight Week I was contacted by the UFC and asked if I would be interested in covering some of the athletes visiting our local Sunrise Children’s Hospital. For over 25 years I have been an active music volunteer at Hospices all over the world. In all that time, I never saw any children in that environment, it was always adults usually in their late 60’s-80’s. This was a special hospital just for kids.

The UFC Fighters That Visited The Hospital Were, Heather Clark, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Forrest Griffin, Urijah Faber, and Tyron Woodley.

I interviewed Jerom Schmidt fron Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada. He shared a bit of history about the hospital and what they provide to and for the children. When a group of us were talking with UFC Fighter Urijah Faber, Urijah said: ” When I fight in the UFC cage, it last only 25 minutes and then I go home. These kids here are in a REAL FIGHT, a fight for there life.”

Not all the children wanted to come out of their rooms, but those that did LOVED seeing the fighters, LOVED getting a UFC Shirt, and the fighters LOVED seeing them and talking with them too! Forrest Griffin got down low with these 2 young kids and they had fun, and so did Forrest. Heather Clark, Tyron Woodley and Joanna were all interacting with the kids, as much as could be permitted.

To my surprise, I got a bit emotional and had to step out of the room for a moment. It was a powerful experience and day.

Watch The VIDEO NOW:

For More Information:

Sunrise Children’s Hospital:
Address: 3186 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone:(702) 731-5437
Hours: 24 hours

At the end of the day, it’s not what we do for ourself that matters most, it’s what we do for others and the impact we can make that really counts. Yes these UFC folks are fighters, but they also have HUGE HEARTS!

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UFC ULTI-MAN 5K 2015 – July 11

July 11, 2015  The UFC ULTI-MAN 5K Returns To Fremont Street Experience in the Heart of Downtown Las Vegas.

“Ulti-man 5K is a unique running experience that includes exercises at three stations along the course. The event welcomes runners and walkers of all fitness levels To Help Raise Funds in Support of Three Square Food Bank.”

Ex-UFC Champion Rich Franklin recently tweeted a 21 Day Health Challenge, which I committed to. I am on Day 3! After reading about the UFC ULTI-MAN 5K, TODAY, I decided to participate in this too! If you do not know me, I’ve got 120 pounds to lose, so this is an AWESOME Challenge for me ! Join Me…

Below is a VIDEO Message About This Event From UFC’s Dana White:


For more information about the event please CLICK HERE:

This is a GOOD EVENT and GREAT CAUSE! Come Join Us!

Robby LeBlanc

UFC Strips Jon Jones of His Title and Suspended Indefinitely From UFC

Jonathan Jones

FOX SPORTS1 Interview With UFC’s Dana White:  “He (Jon Jones) Didn’t Say A Lot. Obviously, He’s Got To Handle This, His Legal Proceedings. We Wanted To Find Out What The Facts Were. A Lot of Things Are Being Said Out There About What Happened That Day, A Lot of Them Are Untrue.”

Bottom Line: Jones is Stripped of His Title and Suspended Indefinetly From The UFC. He will not be fighting in UFC 187 against Johnson. Daniel Cormier is getting the shot at Johnson for the now vacant belt and he’s pumped up! The following article is one I just posted today. I decided to just update this post and add the new information at the beginning.

Let Me First Say, I Am A Jon “Bones” Jones Fan, But Where Are His Healthy, Clean and Sober Friends?

It’s Important To Fight For What’s Right

Dr Joe Kasper: www. FireYourDiet.comIf You Saw The Movie, ” WE ARE MARSHALL” You Will Absolutely Be Touch By This Short Story.

The Following Article Is Written By My Good Friend Dr. Joe Kasper. He is a Clinical Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist.



We live in a world where some people do not always speak the truth, have poor communication, hide behind text, email, face time, voicemail, etc.People have jobs where they rat out other people for things they could have solved by speaking to the person they have an issue with face to face. I know because I have been stabbed in the back on a number of occasions when I had a job for things I never did or said. I actually feel sorry for those people who live swallow lives like that, as it is a part of their being.