This Is What Worries ME About President Trump

Trump More Worried About Crowd Numbers Than People Shot Today in Chicago

I RARELY Post About Politics, But…

1. On his 2nd day as President of the United States, Trump was upset at the media, calling them the biggest liers for apparently claiming the crowd size at the inauguration was not as big as Trump said. Really? Who cares? Is this really an important issue? The only one who cares about the size of the crowd is you President Trump. What issue is more important; The 5 people and 28 people that got injured in a shootout today in Chicago or How big was the the inauguration crowd was? Seriously!

Then to have his press secretary repeat the same thing at the press conference today. This is kinder garden stuff! GROW UP ALREADY!

2. Pertaining to the negative CIA comments, Trump blamed it ALL on the media.  TRUMP could have EASILY nipped this in the bud early and called the CIA directly to explain his thoughts and he is 100% behind the CIA and will talk to them in the next day or two after the election. BUT NO, BLAME, BLAME, BLAME! 

I didn’t vote for Trump but at this point I want him to do well, because if he does well, everyone wins. But if he doesn’t it could get really ugly. He does not give me confidence.

So what really worries me? It’s when a REAL PROBLEM comes, and its not a matter of if, but when, I don’t trust him to handle it and protect us. He’s more worried about his numbers than people dying in gun battles on the streets of America.

Am I the only one that see’s this as a problem? Like or dislike Obama, I never felt like I could wake up to World War III under his watch. Trump is in 2 days, office picking fights with the media over stupid crap and I have never felt more insecure than I do now.Do I want a WWIII? No. Would it surprise me under Trump watch? No.

I’m not looking to star an online fight, these are just my concerns. The Trump hatters will probably like this post, and the Trump supporters will probably like to tie me up. I am just stating my concerns.

No need for hate comments, or unfriend me comments, but a mature discussion would be nice.

Any thoughts???

Robby LeBlanc

Xtreme Couture Will Be Hosting Box N Burn March 5,2017

The World's #1 Boxing Fitness Certification course

WHAT: Box N Burn Certification Course
WHEN: March 5, 2017
WHERE: Xtreme Couture
4055 W Sunset Rd,
Las Vegas, NV 89118
What is Box ’N Burn Academy? 

The Box ’N Burn Academy is an elite trainer certification course designed to educate fitness professionals, personal trainers, boxing, MMA and fitness enthusiasts on how to teach boxing as a means of fitness training.
Stand out and Increase your Income:
Boxing is one of, if not the best full body workout around. With the skills you will learn from this course, you will be one of the select few BNB Certified trainers able to train your clients and teach them boxing for fitness.  This is a great way to obtain more clients and increase your revenue as a trainer!
With a Level 1 BNB Certification, you will be able to:

  • Efficiently teach the fundamentals of boxing to beginners
  • Correct use of hand wrapping for injury prevention and safety when boxing
  • Instruct correct form and punching technique for maximum results
  • Perform basic mitt work correctly and structure real boxing combinations
  • Incorporate boxing techniques into training
  • Get advice on how to become a successful group and personal trainer

Who are the Instructors?

Designed, structured and taught by California’s #1 gym’s team of world class trainers from Box ‘N Burn:

  • Tony Jeffries: ­Olympic medalist, undefeated professional boxer, and BNB Co-Owner
  • Kevan Watson: ­Boxing Fitness Expert and BNB Co-Owner
  • Glenn Holmes ­BNB Santa Monica Fitness Director & Head Trainer

This course provides the necessary knowledge, skills, and hands ­on training needed to be able to structure safe and effective classes and sessions with clients in either a private or group setting.

The one day, the hands-on course combines the principles of professional boxing training and functional fitness training to form a unique training style.

receive continued education points for the countries biggest Certifications 
0.7 NASM, 
0.9 ACE
7 AFFA .

When is it? 

Sunday, March 5th 9:30 am – ­ 5 pm

Xtreme Couture
4055 W Sunset Rd,
Las Vegas, NV 89118

? $249 (pre-registration price until Feb 5th)
? $349

At the end of the course, you will also be provided with:

  • Personal video of own mitt work
  • BNB Certified T-Shirt
  • Level 1 BNB Certificate
  • Some BNB 180” Handwraps
  • Exclusive access to our online video library so you will never forget anything you learned on the day
  • Invite to the certified Boxing trainers Facebook page

More information:

Two IMMAF 2016 World Amateur Winners Doping Suspensions



(London. 11 January 2016) Following the suspension of two IMMAF athletes for doping offences in 2016, the IMMAF World Amateur MMA Rankings have been updated accordingly:

Dallas Jennings (USA) has been stripped of his 612 points accrued at the 2016 IMMAF World Championships at UFC International Fight Week in July. The points deduction is now reflected in Team USA’s overall ranking score, which sees the team drop down one place to 5th.

Aleksandra Rola (Poland) has been stripped of her 548 points accrued at the 2016 IMMAF World Championships at UFC International Fight Week in July. The points deduction is now reflected in Team Poland’s ranking overall score, which sees the team drop down one place to 10th.

The revisions see Team Ireland move up to 4th spot in the World Amateur MMA Rankings and Team New Zealand step up to 9th. The 2016 IMMAF World Championships was the sole IMMAF event participated in by the athletes, and so the points deduction sees both eliminated from the athlete rankings.

Tuff-N-Uff Comes To Downtown Henderson!

See The Future Stars of MMA Friday Night September 30, 2016

Tuff-N-Uff in Henderson

The Future Stars of MMA Comes To Henderson! 

Bouts to take place in open air hexagon at Henderson Events Plaza

Henderson, Nev. – Downtown Henderson will host Tuff-N-Uff’s Future Stars of MMA with 12 bouts to be held in an open air hexagon set up at the Henderson Events Plaza on Water Street (next to the Convention Center) on Sept. 30.

The action-packed lineup includes a bout between Josh Kim (8-1), one half of the “Twin Dragons,” and Bryce Edminister from the Garage in Layton, UT (8-2) for the men’s 145 lb. featherweight title.

The co-main event features Xtreme Couture’s Bryce “Wu-Tang” Harley who, after a controversial title loss, again competes for the championship in the men’s 115 lb. flyweight division — Tuff-N-Uff’s newest weight class — against the tough Tyler Ashton (2-1), fighting out of Team Wildman, located in Denver, CO.

The action-packed evening features some of the top amateur fighters in the country looking to follow in the footsteps of MMA stars who got their start at Tuff-N-Uff events like former champion Ronda Rousey, Alan Jouban, Chris Holdsworth, Ryan Couture and Ashlee Evans-Smith.

Other bouts include a number one contender match at 135 lbs. between Anthony Marzette (2-0), fighting out of the Gracie Fighter Dojo, and John Kim (9-0), the other half of the “Twin Dragons.” Other matches include fighters at 185 lbs., 170 lbs. and 155 lbs.

The tickets start at $10.
For ticket information, visit

*Fight card is subject to change without notice.

About Tuff-N-Uff
A more than 20-year old combat sports organization, the Las Vegas-based Tuff-N-Uff has presented the best amateur mixed martial arts (MMA) action in the nation since 2003, giving rise to the biggest star in the sport today, UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. Tuff-N-UFF is lead by Las Vegas locals Jeff Meyer and Bryan Lindsey. Tuff-N-Uff has helped grow the careers of many other MMA athletes including Jessamyn Duke, Ashlee Evans-Smith, Tonya Evinger, Jon Fitch, Jesse Forbes, Chris Holdsworth, Brad Imes, Jimmy Jones and Jesse Taylor. In 2013, Tuff-N-Uff became the first combat sports organization to be included on the UFC International Fight Week schedule of events. Tuff-N-Uff celebrated its historic 20th anniversary Saturday, June 7, 2014, with over 15,000 fans, in a sold-out live event inside the Thomas and Mack Center. In 2014 and 2015, Tuff-N-Uff partnered with the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) to present, as part of UFC International Fight Week 2014, the first-ever amateur MMA World Championships. Dedicated to its founder, the late Barry Meyer, Tuff-N-Uff is committed to the sport of MMA and building the “Future Stars of MMA.”

The Junior National Golden Gloves 2016 Are Alive and Well!

Over 200 Fighters, Age 8-16, From All Over The Country Compete At This Prestigious Sporting Event!

“These Young Golden Glove Kids Throw More Punches in 3 Rounds Than The Floyd Mayweather VS Manny Pacquiao Threw in Their Entire 10 ROUNDS!

Two Golden Glove Warriors 2016Growing up, I remember watching TV with my dad, the Golden Gloves Championships on Wide World of Sports. We had a few of the older kids in the neighborhood training for the Golden Gloves. It was a big deal. They were the tough guys and ROCK STARS of the neighborhood.

At that time WINNING the Golden Gloves as seen thru my youg eyes was the path to winning the Olympics and then PRO Championship belt, just as Muhammed Ali did, then known as Cassius Clay.  Ali, a 6x Kentucky Golden Glove Champion, and then in 1960 the Olympic Lignhtweight Champion was and continues to  be the single most important and inspirational Boxers/Athlete of our time. He put the GOLDEN GLOVES on the map.

Fast forward to today, July 20-23, 2016, the Junior National Golden Gloves 2016.  The location is Mesquite, Nevada at the CasaBlanca Hotel Resort and Casino. Two hundred young fighters, ages 8-16 years of age from all over the country are here to WIN that Golden Glove Champion Belt!

From the opening bout, I was in total shock. These kids came to FIGHT. They came to COMPETE. They came to WIN. The maturity of their striking combinations, movement and SPEED was far beyond what I had expected. Granted, I cover mostly MMA, Jiujitsu and Entertainment. I was not that interested in boxing because I found it boring.Dr Brandon Snead Checking The Fighters

But now watching these kids brawl, I was blown away. At one point last night I remember thinking, “ These Kids Throw More Punches in 3 Rounds Than The Floyd Mayweather VS Manny Pacquiao Threw in Their Entire 10 ROUNDS!  These young competitors are EXCITING to watch!

You still have time to see Friday nights elimination bouts and the Finals on Saturday July 23rd.

For More Information Or Tickets: or

Call The CasaBlanca Hotel 1-877-438-2929

See You Ringside,
Robby LeBlanc