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RFA Friday Night October 9th

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Resurection Fighting Alliance: RFA 31 – Smith vs. Marunde takes place this Friday, October 9th at the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.
The event will be televised nationwide on AXS TV and internationally on The Fight Network at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT.

See You At The Cage!
Robby LeBlanc

ESPNU Will re-air World Championships US Champs 2015 Wednesday

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USA Robby SmithESPNU will re-air World Championships show with all four U.S. champs on Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern

ESPNU will re-air in primetime a two-hour show of the final three days of the World Wrestling Championships in Las Vegas on Wednesday, September 16 from 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

The world came to Las Vegas this week (September 7-12) for perhaps the most successful World Championships ever hosted, with record ticket revenue of over $1.1 million, near sellouts the entire week, and an electric atmosphere in the venue. Enjoy one more chance to see the excitement of the World Championships on national television. Read More

A Conversation With US Wrestling Team Member Robby Smith

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Robby Smith US Wrestling Team MemberThe World Championships 2015 Begin September 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The WINNER Compete In The Olympic Games!

Wrestler Robby Smith has literally competed in thousands of matches. This is his third World Team. Robby has been the #1 heavy weight since 2013.

Growing up in the Bay Area California, Robby’s dad was the football coach and also doubled as a wrestling coach at the local high school.  At age 3, Robby’s dad started bringing him to the wrestling practices. It was all uphill from there.

Robby competes this week in Las Vegas, Nevada for the World Championships 2015 at the Orleans Hotel Casino. The Finals will be held on September 12th.
The WINNERS from the finals, from the various countries earn a spot on the Olympic Team from their counties. The Summer Olympic Games are being held in Rio de Janeiro in August 2016. Robby Smith WANTS a place on that Olympic Podium!
For More information about the U.S. Wrestling Team:
I’ll be taking photos and conducting interviews with the athletes all week. Watch for updates!
To The Best Of The Best,
Robby LeBlanc

Motorhead Plays House of Blues!

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Motorhead at House of Blues“We are Motörhead,” said frontman Lemmy Kilmister “and we play ROCK and ROLL”!

by Christian Wloszczyna

Motorhead, the hard rock band took the stage last Friday night at the House of Blues in Las Vegas for the second date of their 40th anniversary tour.

No other words were needed as Motörhead wasted no time in diving right into ‘Damage Case’ and ‘Stay Clean’ with the ferocity and volume that has become their trademark almost as much as Lemmy’s distinctive gravelly voice.

The band stuck to early classics for most of the setlist, with just one of the 14 tracks they played having been recorded in the last decade, playing “Lost Woman Blues” off of 2013’s Aftershock. Read More

UFC Exec Lawrence Epstein Said Duran’s Reebok Comments Had Nothing To Do With Releasing Jacob Stitch Duran

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Stitch DuranHere Is My Take on The Recently Posted ” Bloody Elbow” Article About Stitch Duran’s  Reebok Comments Having Nothing To Do With Being Fired.

 Stitch was FIRED or RELEASED  from the UFC in late July 2015. 

The following “QUOTED” paragraph is from article posted by Bloody Elbow.
“Jacob ‘Stitch’ Duran has not been banned from UFC and he is free to corner any athlete if they choose to pay for his services. We want to provide other cutmen the opportunityto work UFC events. UFC certainly respects Duran’s experience and accomplishments as a cutman, and wishes him the best. We will not comment about the other reasons that lead to the ending of his independent contractor agreement with UFC, other than to say it had nothing to do with his comments about Reebok.”

In the first line Epstein says “ Duran has not banned from UFC” Then in the last sentence says’ We will not comment on the other reasons that lead to the ENDING OF HIS INDEPENDENT Contractor agreement with UFC.

Dana White said in a Fox video interview about Stitch Duran, “No, he won’t be coming back.”

So What’s The Deal? 
Stitch has not been banned from the UFC, but as Dana White said in his Fox video interview, Stitch won’t be coming back.

Wow! There is obviously some MIS-COMMUNICATION within PR and management at UFC. Is Stitch is Banned from UFC or isn’t he? If Dana said Stitch won’t be coming back, does that mean he was BANNED or FIRED?

It’s like the question President Clinton had years ago about the Monica Lewinsky fiasco when  Clinton said,  , “It Depends on what the meaning of “IS”, is…

I guess it depends on how you define BANNED or FIRED. Hmmm!!!

I can not imagine Jacob “ Stitch” Duran doing something so HORRIFIC in regards to the UFC that the UFC feels the need to keep it a secret.

Heck, Anderson Silva was just publicly called out and humiliated at the recent Nevada Commission meeting when he had to talk about his SEXUAL PROBLEMS before the world. They could have just given him the suspension, fined him and moved on.  And if the UFC is keeping Duran’s action a secret, that makes it seem like it’s worse than the Anderson Silva debacle.

EVERY MAN makes mistakes; GOD knows I’ve made mine. I just find it extremely interesting that the “Duran Firing”story was just starting to fade. This new comment by the UFC  Exec, Lawrence Epstein, to the “Bloody Elbow” has spurred new controversy and further questions.


To Read The Entire Bloody Elbow Article, Go To:

See You At The Cage Saturday Night!!
Robby LeBlanc

PS – Want To Meet Stitch This Weekend? He will be at Cutman Stitch DuranTUFF-N-UFF this weekend in Mesquite at the CasaBlanca Hotel Resort at the TUFF Show.

For Tickets Go To:



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