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UFC Exec Lawrence Epstein Said Duran’s Reebok Comments Had Nothing To Do With Releasing Jacob Stitch Duran

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Stitch DuranHere Is My Take on The Recently Posted ” Bloody Elbow” Article About Stitch Duran’s  Reebok Comments Having Nothing To Do With Being Fired.

 Stitch was FIRED or RELEASED  from the UFC in late July 2015. 

The following “QUOTED” paragraph is from article posted by Bloody Elbow.
“Jacob ‘Stitch’ Duran has not been banned from UFC and he is free to corner any athlete if they choose to pay for his services. We want to provide other cutmen the opportunityto work UFC events. UFC certainly respects Duran’s experience and accomplishments as a cutman, and wishes him the best. We will not comment about the other reasons that lead to the ending of his independent contractor agreement with UFC, other than to say it had nothing to do with his comments about Reebok.”

In the first line Epstein says “ Duran has not banned from UFC” Then in the last sentence says’ We will not comment on the other reasons that lead to the ENDING OF HIS INDEPENDENT Contractor agreement with UFC.

Dana White said in a Fox video interview about Stitch Duran, “No, he won’t be coming back.”

So What’s The Deal? 
Stitch has not been banned from the UFC, but as Dana White said in his Fox video interview, Stitch won’t be coming back.

Wow! There is obviously some MIS-COMMUNICATION within PR and management at UFC. Is Stitch is Banned from UFC or isn’t he? If Dana said Stitch won’t be coming back, does that mean he was BANNED or FIRED?

It’s like the question President Clinton had years ago about the Monica Lewinsky fiasco when  Clinton said,  , “It Depends on what the meaning of “IS”, is…

I guess it depends on how you define BANNED or FIRED. Hmmm!!!

I can not imagine Jacob “ Stitch” Duran doing something so HORRIFIC in regards to the UFC that the UFC feels the need to keep it a secret.

Heck, Anderson Silva was just publicly called out and humiliated at the recent Nevada Commission meeting when he had to talk about his SEXUAL PROBLEMS before the world. They could have just given him the suspension, fined him and moved on.  And if the UFC is keeping Duran’s action a secret, that makes it seem like it’s worse than the Anderson Silva debacle.

EVERY MAN makes mistakes; GOD knows I’ve made mine. I just find it extremely interesting that the “Duran Firing”story was just starting to fade. This new comment by the UFC  Exec, Lawrence Epstein, to the “Bloody Elbow” has spurred new controversy and further questions.


To Read The Entire Bloody Elbow Article, Go To:

See You At The Cage Saturday Night!!
Robby LeBlanc

PS – Want To Meet Stitch This Weekend? He will be at Cutman Stitch DuranTUFF-N-UFF this weekend in Mesquite at the CasaBlanca Hotel Resort at the TUFF Show.

For Tickets Go To:



Last Comic Standing WINNER Dat Phan To Perform Benefit Show at South Point

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Fund Raiser for Children AlopaciaAugust 14, 2015 Last Comic Standing WINNER Dat Phan, Alley Cats and Wes Winters Will Perform a Benefit at The Show Room at South Point Hotel Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada Benefiting Children’s Alopecia Project.

CAP Kid Group Las Vegas Children’s Alopecia Project – Building Self-Esteem, Providing Support, Raising Awareness

Gianna has had Alopecia since 2009, when she was five years old. Some years we had patches of bald spots, or nothing at all. In December 2014, Gianna lost all of her hair. In January 28th, 2015, in front of 700 school kids and parents, Gianna decided to take off her hat and grab the microphone to say “I have Alopecia and Bald is Beautiful.” That was the day we created the CAP Kid Group Las Vegas. We are going to give support for children and families dealing with alopecia. We promote alopecia awareness and want educate about this autoimmune condition. See the very inspiring text from Rob Schneider the day Gianna took off her hat. Also see who are all helping us spread the word: Tony Orlando, Bill and his daughter McKenna Medley. Comedians Jim Breuer, Jay Mohr, Last Comic Standing winner of season 1, Dat Phan. Magician Rick Thomas, and many more people. You don’t have Alopecia to join the fun. Thank you for the support, see you soon.

Who are we?

The Children’s Alopecia project is a 501 © 3 Nonprofit Organization. Children’s Alopecia Project Branches into LAS VEGAS helping to give support for children and families dealing with alopecia. By installing confidence, self-acceptance, we believe CAP is empowering them to become strong kids, teens and productive adults. We will promote alopecia awareness together as a TEAM in the community and educate about this autoimmune condition. We will plan fun events, activities, and group meetings

What is Alopecia?

Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that is not life threatening, but is life altering. It is not contagious. You can’t catch it and it does not hurt. It is almost like your body is allergic to hair, which causes it to fall out. Alopecia Areata is a type of hair loss that occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles, which is where hair growth begins. It usually starts with one or more small, round, smooth patches. This disease affects approximately 2% of the population overall, including more than 5 million people in the United States alone.

– Alopecia Areata – Patchy Hair Loss
– Alopecia Totalis -Majority to Total Loss of Hair above the Neck
– Alopecia Univeralis – Total Body Hair Loss

Phone 702- 885- 8247

Support Our First Benefit Show
WHEN: August 14
TIME: 730pm
WHERE: South Point, With Dat Phan and The Alley Cats
TICKETS:  $20.00

Ray Sefo Talks Stitch Duran, WSOF and Upcoming August 1st Fight

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Ray Sefo 6X Muay Thai World Champion and WSOF FounderRay Sefo is a 6X Muay Thai World Champion, 7X K-1 Finalist and President of World Series of Fighting Talks About Upcoming Show August 1, 2015 at Planet Hollywood Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I first met Ray Sefo at a TUFF-N-UFF Show a few years ago and when he walked in, EVERYBODY noticed him. He is a Muay Thai/MMA Rock Star and where ever he goes, people want to get a photo with him.

A few weeks ago I bumped into Ray Sefo at the IMMAF 2015 World Championships a few weeks ago and I expressed my interest in doing a video interview with him about his upcoming show August 1st. Below is that video interview.

There is an exciting Fight Card for the August 1, 2015 show. The main event is Rousimar Palhares VS Jake Shields. I like how Ray Sefo talks about this card and specifically this fight during this interview . This is NO LOVE between Palhares and Shields. This will be a GREAT Fight!


Some very interesting developments have occurred between the time I connected with Ray Sefo at the IMMAF 2015 event and now. Most importantly, Stitch Duran, the BEST Cutman in the business was released by the UFC. Yes, the UFC Fired the most famous, most loved by the fans and sought after cutman by Boxers and MMA fighters world wide.

The GOOD NEWS IS…The World Series of Fighting President, Ray Sefo reached out to Stitch and invited him to join the WSOF TEAM for the upcoming August 1st fight and Stitch said YES!!!

Having Stitch back in the game is not only good for Stitch, The World Series of Fighting organization, and The Fans, but most importantly it’s best for the FIGHTERS! Having Stitch do what he does best is good for EVERYBODY!

AUTOGRAPH SIGNING: Meet Stitch and some of the WSOF Fighters.
I’ll be there taking photos1Stitch Duran and WSOF Fighters Autograph Signing
WHERE – Friday Shop, Inside Planet Hollywood
Miracle Mile Shops…
WHEN – Friday July 31, 2015
TIME – 1-3pm

WHERE – Planet Hollywood
WHEN – Saturday August 1, 2015
TIME – Prelims start at 5PM


If you can’t make it to the autograph signing, make sure to pick up a ticket for the WSOF Show August 1st. It’s at a great location, easy parking and ACTION PACKED Card you won’t want to miss!

I’ll See You At the Autograph Signing and At The Cage Saturday Night!

Keep Being Brilliant,
Robby LeBlanc




UFC Fight Week 189 in Review

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UFC Champ Chris Wiedman, Arianny Celeste, Jhenny AndradeUFC Fight Week 189 is Finally in The Books, And What a Week It Was!

There were numerous events scheduled during UFC Fight Week! For me it started by covering the IMMAF, the International Mixed Martials Arts Federation WORLD Championships. The best of the best in Amateur MMA from over 30 counties and more than 130 male and female fighters.

Then there were the UFC Pool parties where FANS got there chance to meet and get photos with some of their favorite UFC fighters and of course those Stunningly Gorgeous Octagon Girls. Plus, the UFC Charity event at Sunrise Childrens hospital where UFC fighters visited with these kids fighting for their life was very emotional.

In the video below I’ll feature my favorite 60 photos or moments, give or take a few, from the entire week. July 6-12.


The autograph sessions during UFC Fan Expo and off Property were also fan favorites. One guy I met wasn’t able to wait in the LONG line line to get a photo with Arianny Celeste, so I captured a special moment for him.

At the Fight Shop inside the Planet Hollywood Casino another young man was the first in line to meet UFC fighter Miesha Tate and as he told me, “it was a dream come true.”

I especially liked it when the Godfather of Cutmen, the Legend, Jacob Stitch Duran showed up on Day 4 of the International Mixed Martial Arts World Championships. Not only fighters but all the cutmen in the room wanted a photo with Stitch whether they openly admitted it or not!

Then at Fan Expo we had the Kick Boxing Tournament, JJ Tournament, Arm wrestling Tournament and lets not forget the Hall of Fame and Ultimate Fighter Weigh-ins. And of course on Saturday Night UFC 189 with Conor McGregor taking out Chad Mendes in 2 round!

There was so much going on, it’s virtually impossible to cover all the events that were happening. It was an  inspiring week.

The absolute best moments for me was capturing the fighters as they got their hand raised as WINNER! Priceless…

Please leave a comment about the video…


Barry Meyer’s Future Stars of MMA –


Dr. Ranada Bascharon –

Ultimate Fighting Championship –

See You At The Cage,
Robby LeBlanc

UFC Fight Week 189 Pool Party Video!

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ufc octagon girlsUFC FIGHT WEEK POOL PARTY!

UFC Fight week is always filled with Parties, Meet and Greets, More Parties and then a BIG Fight on Saturday night. There’s some much going on, it’s impossible to cover all the events happening.

Here are a few photos I took from just two of the pool parties I was able to attend. Yes we’ve got a few Ultimate Fighter Cast members, UFC Fighters and of course, a pool party would not be complete with the gorgeous Octagon Girls, here you go.


Robby LeBlanc

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