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NPC Las Vegas Classic 2015 Photos

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IMG_0345I will be Posting a Good Number of Photos on MY Instagram Account.
To See My Instagram Account: @LasVegasNewsBlog

I’ll be post on the blog this week, but photo will be on Instagram immediately!


Robby LeBlanc

Weight Class Schedule Set For U.S. Olympic Wrestling Team Trials

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US Olympic Wresting Member Jordan Burroughs with Wrestling Icon Dan GableFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Nov. 3, 2015

Weight Class Schedule Set For U.S. Olympic Team Trials For Wrestling in Iowa City, April 9-10, 2016

The weight class schedule has been set for the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Wrestling, which will be held at Carver-Hawkeye Arena on the campus of the University of Iowa, April 9-10, 2016.

There will be two days of competition, with each day featuring all three Olympic styles of wrestling, men’s freestyle, women’s freestyle and Greco-Roman.

There are two sessions each day. The first session, from 9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. feature the preliminaries through Challenge Tournament finals. The second session, from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. features the best two of three Championship Series.

On Saturday, April 9, there will be four Greco-Roman weight classes (59 kg, 66 kg, 85 kg and 98 kg), three women’s freestyle weight classes (58 kg, 63 kg and 69 kg) and two men’s freestyle weight classes (65 kg and 125 kg).

Some of the star U.S. wrestlers who are expected to compete on Saturday, based upon their projected weight classes, include: Read More

Las Vegas Cowboys Deliver a Wrath Like No Other

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Las Vegas Cowboys

NV- With a record of 5-1 the Las Vegas Cowboys are leaving everything they have on the field and taking down any team that dares to stand in their way.

Head Coach David White, who’s been leading the NYFL youth football team since 2010, is pleased with the maturity and respect his players maintained for the other team all throughout their dominant one-sided victory.

 White said, “In games like this, the kids learn they have to be mentally tough, stay focused and pay attention to the little stuff. If they are not doing that, it can be misconstrued over on the other side as disrespect. This happens on all levels in football, from the NFL to Pop Warner – it’s good they learn proper conduct at a young age.”With one loss of the season the Cowboys collegiate team unleashed a beast the Ravens were not ready for on Wednesday Oct. 28, and are now focused on this weeks back-to-back games. The Ravens, who fell to the Cowboys 60-0, felt a wrath that many others have, the Cowboys has outscored their opponents 162-6 since their only loss of the season on Oct. 7. Read More

Las Vegas Greenlights Unprecedented Eco -Home

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 Las Vegas Greenlights Unprecedented Eco -HomeLAS VEGAS, Nevada – Oct. 22, 2015 – In a cozy residential neighborhood amidst the never sleeping city of Las Vegas, a home of a new breed is being born. Liz Kerby had a dream and a plot of land. She wanted a 100% sustainable home that she could love and have it love her back. Rather than go the more conventional route of homebuilding, Kerby opted for a far more earth friendly, albeit extreme, choice. “Open Arms Domes”, as her soon to be dwelling was dubbed, is a Superadobe/Earthship hybrid home consisting of 7 domes, off the grid utilities, and a greenhouse entryway that also serves as the house’s heating source. And in August, the city of Las Vegas finally said “yes” to her build. Read More

Interview With Josip MRKOCI at the World Wrestling Championships 2015 in Las Vegas

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In The Amateur Wrestling World, Josip MRKOCI is a ROCK STAR! EVERYBODY Knows Him and He Know’s Everybody!

I met Josip MRKOCI at the IMMAF World Championships 2015 in Las Vegas this summer. He has been involved in almost EVERY OLYMPIC  Games since 1976 either as a Referee or a helper of sorts.

He invited me to The World Wrestling Championships 2015 this past August. It seemed like every step we took in the arena, he knew or was recognized by someone. The who’s who of wrestling in the world was in attendance and he knew everybody and they knew him. Josip was a wonderful host and introduced me to all his friends. I was busy shooting photos or trying to get some interviews most of the time. I had a blast and it was a pleasure and honor getting to know my new friend!

I did this interview LIVE on Twitters Periscope during the World Championships. That LIVE feed was only available for 24 hours so I wanted to share it with everyone else that didn’t get the chance to view it.

Check Out My Interview With Josip:

For More Information Go To:

Maybe if Im LUCKY I’ll get to shoot at the Olympics!

Robby LeBlanc

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