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FOX CATCHER – The Movie, Based on true events, Foxcatcher tells the dark and fascinating story of the unlikely and ultimately tragic relationship between an eccentric multi-millionaire and two champion wrestlers. It Features: Steve Carrell, Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo.


I Give FOXCATCHER a B+.I Really Enjoyed The Movie. Highly recommend.

See You At The Movies,
Robby LeBlanc

MMA Fighter Dave Herman Talks About Recent Arrest

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MMA Fighter Dave Herman face down after getting Tased by policeOn January 20, 2015 at 1:13 in the Morning MMA (Mixed Martial Artist) Fighter, Dave Herman Was Arrested in a Gas Station in Ashley, Indiana.

I first saw the news of MMA Fighter Dave Herman getting TASED and ARRESTED on Facebook a few days ago. Fellow MMA Fighter, Frank Trigg had shared the video on his page. I watched the video and was shocked.

This video went viral in MMA community.  In the original video that I watched, to me, Dave Herman did not appear to be aggressive toward the police in any way, verbally or physically. The only thing I thought was a bit strange about Dave’s behavior in the video was, him asking the police, ” Who Are You?”

If lights are flashing in back of me while driving in Las Vegas, I would assume it was either a Policeman or an emergency vehicle of some kind. Apparently in INDIANA, you need to be a bit more cautious. (Good To Know)

Below is the interview I did with Dave Herman a few days after the incident.  After watching my interview, you may want to watch the original video that I saw which has gone viral. I will share my views and thoughts at the bottom of this post.




Incident: Vehicle Pursuit – The Police Report.

Date: 01/20/2015 at 1:13 am
Location: I-69 SB at the 340 mm
Suspect: David J. Herman
Fort Wayne IN

On January 20th, 2015 at approximately 1:13 am a vehicle was observed traveling southbound on I-69 near the 340 mile marker in Ashley IN with no headlights or taillights traveling at a high rate of speed. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver, David Herman, refused to stop and led Officers in a 2 ½ -3 mile pursuit. David Herman exited the 334 mile marker exit and drove west on US Highway 6 before stopping at a gas station. David exited his vehicle and approached Officers in an aggressive manner.

David was given multiple warnings to get on the ground and failed to comply. David had to be tased in order to be taken into custody. An infant and adult female were also present in the vehicle. No one sustained any injuries in the incident. David is being charged with Resisting law enforcement with a vehicle a level 6 felony, Battery against law enforcement a level 6 felony, Neglect of a dependant a level 6 felony, and Resisting law enforcement a Class A misdemeanor. The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department was assisted by the Waterloo Marshals Department.


Personally, after hearing Dave’s side of the story, with everything going wrong with his car, it was ONE BAD NIGHT! No doubt about it.

  • Do I think the police over-reacted? YES.
  • Do I think the police could’ve been softer in there initial approach with Dave Herman? YES.
  • For EXAMPLE, the Police could have asked:  ” Why wouldn’t you stop and why were your lights flashing?
    Then wait for an answer.
  • Did It appear that Dave Herman was Aggressive Verbally or Physically? NO.
  • Was drawing a gun necessary? I Don’t believe so, but I wasn’t there.
  • Why did Dave ask the police, “Who Are You and Show me some ID?
    I think Dave was probably in a bit of shock and a little scared, especially with a GUN pointed at his head.He was trying to protect his WIFE and BABY in the car and get them home safely. Maybe the police do act different in INDIANA.

It is my understanding that POLICE TRAIN for things like this all the time. So how could this go so wrong?

After the fact, of course it’s EASIER to say what you should’ve or could’ve done.

But when you have 2 Policeman YELLING at YOU, one with a GUN and 2nd officer with a TASER gun, , it makes sense that ANYONE may react and think differently.

  • Why did the police draw their gun so quickly?
  • Why didn’t the police have their Dash Cam Turned on?
  • Why didn’t the Police have their vest cam turned on?
  • How many times have these POLICE OFFICERS drawn their gun and taser this past year?
  • During police training, at what point are officers taught to turn on the video cams?

I did call District Attorney’s Office and they said they knew nothing about this case, which I found hard to believe. I pressed and asked who I could talk to and get a comment from, regarding Dave Herman’s arrest. They gave me a phone that was a FAX number. I also called the Sheriff’s Office, left a message and as of this writing, they have not returned my call.

IT probably did not help matters that Dave Herman drove 2-3 miles before pulling over into the gas station,but as he stated during my interview, he was looking for a well lit area to pull into, for SAFETY for him, his wife and baby girl.
Can you blame him???

The fact is, VIDEO CAMS can tell a good part of the story, maybe not the entire story, but definitely part of the story.

This story would read very differently if Dave Herman’s wife Madeleine had NOT Video taped the incident. Good for you Madeleine! Time will tell how this story plays out. I have a feeling they will do just fine, but it AIN’T OVER till the fat lady sings or TAPS OUT!

If You Want To Connect With Madeleine or Dave Herman:

Dave Herman Face Book Page: CLICK HERE

Madeleine Herman  –

I will keep you posted on this story. Until Next Time…

See You At The Cage,

Robby LeBlanc

TUFF-N-UFF CEO Jeff Meyer Talks About Ronda Rousey, InvictaFC, Ring Girls and Upcoming Fight

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Referee Mario Yamasaki and TUFF-N-UFF Co-Fouder Jeff MeyerWith Out a Doubt, TUFF-N-UFF Showcases ” The Future Stars of MMA”. Today We Share a Conversation With TUFF-N-UFF CEO Jeff Meyer About The Fight This Friday, January 9, 2015 at The Orleans Hotel Casino.

During our interview, Jeff Meyer shared about the WMMA PRESS LEGACY Award, his late brother, Barry Meyer received. Here is a part of the article”The WMMA Press committee will from time to time on a deserving basis give out the “Legacy Award” to honor and individual who has helped shape and pioneer women’s MMA. This year we will give that honor to Barry Meyer. To Read This entire article go to .




WHEN – Friday January 9,2015
TIME – Doors Open at 6 PM, First Fight 7 PM
LOCATION – Orleans Hotel Casino (Ballroom) in Las Vegas, Nevada



See Ya At The Cage!
Robby LeBlanc

Las Vegas Comic Con Review 2014

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Alexis Flaum - WriterThe Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2014 DID NOT  Disappoint!

The Following Article Was written by Alexis Flaum
This year’s show was filled with amazing handmade goods, beautiful artwork, local businesses, and heaps of famous authors and illustrators. The South Point hosted the ALVCC again this year, and it was the perfect venue to hold such a surplus of Las Vegans.

Comic Con was a great experience for all age groups, as there were so many great activities and interests for a vast variety of Comic Con goers. Local comic shop, Maximum Comics, had merchandise as well as games and fun to interest kids and adults alike.

I think one of the best parts of ALVCC was seeing all the artists and their amazing pieces of art. People handcrafted jewelry, pocket watches, figures, and so much more, and all of it was incredibly intricate and beautiful. ALVCC was an event that could be enjoyed even by someone who is not a comic book reader themselves, and I think that made it very unique.

When there can be a comic con that allows anyone to just come and enjoy themselves and see some really great things, what’s not to love? Overall, Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is a fun, affordable event for anyone and everyone.

See You Next Time!
Alexis Flaum

Nevada State Director Ralph Cook Talks About The ISKA

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TUFF-N-UFF President Jeff Meyer and ISKA Nevada State Director Ralp CookThe Following is An Interview With Ralph Cook, The Nevada  State Director of the ISKA, The International Sports Karate Association.

Originally founded as the International Sport Karate Association when the birth of kickboxing in America grew out of “Full-Contact Karate,” ISKA is now also recognized globally as the International Sport Kickboxing Association. Since 1986 ISKA has set an unprecedented standard for professionalism and integrity while servings as the world’s most well recognized sanctioning and regulatory body for combat sports and competitive martial arts.

Robby LeBlanc: What do you do with the ISKA?
Ralph Cook:  I sanctions amateur mixed martial arts in Nevada and a couple both places in the Caribbean.

“ In Nevada, The Nevada State Athletic Commission  does not regulate combat sports…

Watch The Video Below For The Entire Interview. (3:10)

Ralph Cook:

You have until January 23, 2015 To Vote!

See Ya Cage Side!
Robby LeBlanc

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