M.I.A. Should Stay Missing In Action!

No doubt the singer/dancer M.I.A. has gotten more attention than Grammy winner Madonna for the Super Bowl Haltime show, Sunday, February 5, 2012. The fact is, it was just down right WRONG!

The idea of flipping the bird to 100 million families during the most watched game of the year is stupid on a level I can’t even describe.  It’s just unaceptable behavior.

If you want to flip the bird to YOUR fans of during YOUR concert, fine. But don’t be flipping the bird during a family televised event.what was she thinking???

There is a part of me that feels sorry for M.I.A. because she thought it was ok to stoop to that level to get some attention. Is that the kind of attention she really wants? It’s sad that she doesn’t think enough of herself, her gifts and talents.

I don’t think we will be seeing her on national television for quite a while. She abused the privalage. She forgot that it is an HONOR to be an artisit. She forgot it’s a PRIVILEGE to be invited on the the world stage to share her gifts and talents on TV for millions to see.

She may think what she did was really cool and she may very well have some fans that thought so too. But the fact is, it was “Amature Hour”, however you want to look at it!

In short, M.I.A. should stay missing in action.

Robby LeBlanc

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