John Wood, Head Coach at Syndicate MMA Talks TUF 23

Jamie Moyle is One Of His Fighters...

MMA Fighter Jamie Moyle With Her Corner TEAM After TUFF-N-UFF WIN in 2014The Ultimate Fighter 23, Episode 7 Featured Our Very Own Local Las Vegas Fighter Jamie Moyle.

The first time I saw Jamie Moyle fight was for the Tuff-N-Uff promotion back in 2014 in Las Vegas. I remember thinking one day this girl is going to be a champion!

This past Wedensday, June 1, 2016 on TUF 23 Jamie Moyle was fighting Amanda Cooper. In my eyes, Jamie clearly had the first round, and found the 2nd round to be split. I thought for sure a 3rd round was coming. Then they announced the fight was over and announced Amanda Cooper the winner, I was in shock. I have nothing against Cooper, it was a great scrap, but you will find few viewers that didn’t think a 3rd round was coming.

I was shaking my head thinking how is this possible. Then the episode cut to Dana White saying, “ there should’ve been a 3rd Round”. Thursday morning I picked up the phone and called Syndicate MMA Head coach John Wood and asked for an interview to talk about his fighter Jamie Moyle..
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We Are Pulling For You Jamie!

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DON’T FORGET TUFF-N-UFF June 25, 2016 – 
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