WOW! Secret Service Director Julia Pierson Resigns!

According to the Department of Homeland Security, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson Has Resigned.

I watched the congressional hearing on capital hill on c-span yesterday as they ranted and criticized Julia Pierson. It was brutal to watch, but I had a hard time disagreeing with any the members of congress comments. How was it event remotely possible for someone to get even to the door with any security stopping him? No Dog or armed security was even seen on the front lawn. This

Julia Pierson USSS.jpg
boggles my mind! This is the Secret Service for crying out loud! Where are they???

On September 19, 2014,  there was a security breach by Omar Gonzalez.  Gonzalez got over the fence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and went through open door into the White House, knocking over a service agent,  before being tackled and brought down.

What also surprised me was the fact that both Republican and Democrats were actually on the same page with there criticism. It is a rare moment to see both parties on the same page. At least, now I know it’s possible!

As I was watching this hearing, other security breaches were talked about. Then today, as I was watching CNN, an Ex- Secret Service Agent expressed his surprise as well,  saying” there are at least 50 different sets of SECURITY eye balls watching that front lawn and he was in shock with what he witnessed.

Personally, I want to see Dogs and Armed Security officers Overwhelm ANY intruder at the White House in seconds, not minutes!!!

– Am I surprised Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned?  No.
– Do I think the White and our country is better off with her resignation? Yes.

It’s time for someone else to get this branch back on track.

I do not usually comment on things outside of Las Vegas, but this week there has been a few things on a national level that I felt the need to comment on.

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