What is Vertigo?

Brain Werner and VickieWhat is VERTIGO? Vertigo is a sensation of spinning, whirling and loss of balance. One often feels sick to their stomach when a vertigo event occurs.

Vickie Pieper’s Vertigo Story…
On March 3, 2014 I took Vickie Pieper to QuickCare in Las Vegas because we thought she had a concussion due to bumping her head on a shelf. It swelled up like a golf ball. Plus, she was extremely dizzy and could not keep her balance.The doctor at QuickCare said Vickie needed to go the the emergency room immediately due to the severity of the bump.

 Turns out she did indeed have a severe concussion and a bad case of “VERTiGO”. The hospital tried treating the vertigo to no avail. Then we heard about Brian Werner from “FYZICAL Therapy & Balance in Henderson, Nevada. Vickie had 3 session with them. All was well.

Last week, out of the blue, without warning, the VERTIGO returned. Vickie struggled for 6 days. Then Brian recommended his last resort, The Epily Chair. After one session the VERTIGO was GONE! I saw this with my own eyes. The session in the chair was rough on Vickie, then watching the monitor with Brain Werner, we saw the vertigo STOPPED! No more spinning or dizziness! It was truly amazing.

Watch the video below to see the HEALING in progress. Vickie left the FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center grateful that there was a solution for her dizziness & balance problem. Brian said, she can now go dancing!

 For more information about Vertigo and the treatment, give them a call. They have a slogan…

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center
Henderson, Nevada: (702) 818-5000
Summerlin, Nevada: (702) 880 1515
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