Walmart Credit Card Machines Are Down Nation Wide!

Yes, Walmart Credit Card Machines Are Down NationWide!

Minutes ago I walked into a Walmart on Tropicana Ave in Las Vegas, Nevada and the workers at the door said,” We are only taking cash payments because our credit card machines are down”. I asked are the Walmart Credit Machines down just in this store and the workers responded, “No, the Walmart Credit Card Machines are down nationwide.” I thought to myself, WOW! This is pretty unbeleivable.
I shared with the Wamart workers I needed to get some medication. They suggested I go to the Bank of America at the other end of the parking lot in order to use their ATM machine. I noticed a Citibank was closer so I pulled in to their parking lot. I shared with the teller that all the Walmart Credit Card Machines were down and they responded, Bank of America is down too!
My friend Danny Cahill texted me saying Wikipedia is also down. I don’t know what is going on but this sure sounds like a cyber attack to me. As of this writing which is 3:29 PM  Pacific Coast Time, I have see nothing on the news or online about this.

I hope Walmart gets their Credit Card Machines working soon! They must be losing thousands of dollars a second!

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2 thoughts on “Walmart Credit Card Machines Are Down Nation Wide!

  1. Yes! This happened to me too. I live in Idaho. I had my 2 year old son with me and already had several things in my cart when I heard the announcement over the loudspeaker. I really needed groceries and did not want to have to go back and put everything back, so I started asking employees about it. Everyone seemed to be clueless about it, because at this point, I think the system had just gone down. I found one woman up at the front who told me that I could run my debit card as a credit card and it would work. So I crossed my fingers and finished my shopping. Sure enough, I was able to run my card as a credit card, even though they were still telling everyone that their systems were down! It was such a strange feeling knowing that this was happening in stores all over the nation!