UFC Fight Week 2014 – IMMAF Day 2

DAY 2 – Another Exciting Day at the IMMAF, International Mixed Martial Arts Federation World Championships. This event is all part of UFC Fight Week 2014. TUFF-N-UFF is also one of the sponsors for this international event.

The Video Below is an Over-View of WINNER Hi-Lites From DAY 2 Championship Prelims…

More Videos From UFC Fight Week and UFC Fan Expo Will Be Posted Soon…

See Ya Cage Side,
Robby LeBlanc

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4 thoughts on “UFC Fight Week 2014 – IMMAF Day 2

  1. Robby I love this video! !! What a great job yoy do sir! As always strong work!
    Feel free to post these to my Cut Woman Facebook page! !

  2. Robby is always so supportive and dedicated to exposing the growth of MMA, a sport no one even imagined just 20 years ago!

  3. Thanks Dale. I’m glad I can play a small role in the growth of MMA. See you at the next fight!

  4. Thank You “TheCutWomen” ! I try to capture moments that i think fans would also like to see. Sometimes its in the cage an other times, its behind the scenes with people like you, tyne ring doctors, the coaches…Keep doing what you do!