Jim Bell From Today Show Had Ann Curry Fired! I Don’t Believe It!

” Today” Executive Producer Jim Bell says is was his call to replace Ann Curry on the Today Show. I DON’T BELIEVE IT! by Robby LeBlanc

If that is the truth, we now know who the real JERK at the Today Show is, Jim Bell! Maybe he will even take credit for the way they rudley, disrepsectfully and EXTREMELY unprofessionally fired her from the position as co-host on the Today Show.

Taking the HEAT off Matt Lauer right now is probably a good thing because almost EVERY news organization that has reported about it said that it was Matt Lauer that got Ann Curry fired as co-host of the Today show back in June 2012. Now for Jim Bell to step forward and take the SWORD! WOW! What a hero! NOT!

Does anyone really believe this CRAP!

After Matt Lauer was dragged through the dirt… After he has been accused of being repsonsble for getting Ann Curry fired. After Ann Curry had her first interview back on air, I think during the Olympics, and you could see how they really MISSED each other, (NOT!).

It takes a couragous and confident man to step forward and say I had Ann Currty Fired.

By Jim Bell not stepping forward sooner you watched Matt get dragged through the media dump, not for a few days oe weeks, but MONTHS! Maybe that was Jim Bell’s intention anyway, to kick MAtt’ Lauer’s butt so he shows Matt knows who is boss here.Is this the kind of guy you want to work for???Hmmm.

I read other reports that the NBC exec’s didn’t like a dress Ann curry was wearing and that’s why they fired her. It that was a REALL reason, the execs at NBC have more problems than the NFL’s replacement REFEREE’S!

Quote from the New York Times from Today Show Executive Producer Jim Bell; “Ms. Curry is now in the role she is naturally suited for.”
I’ve got some questions I’d LOVE to know the answers too:
– How does Ann Curry feel about this quote?
– Does Ann curry still feel like she is part of that LOVING MBC family?
– Does Ann Curry feel like she was thrown under the bus!
– If Matt didn’t want Ann out, why didn’t he publicly fight for her?
– Why didn’t Matt Lauer speak up if it wasn”t truly his decision?

We will probably never know the answer to these questions, but I’d sure like to know.

What NBC REALLY FAILS to understand is… Ann Curry is a TRUSTED voice in the world, not just the Unirted States. As a journalist and TV personality, people trust her. She is compassionate,smart, engaging and beautiful to look at. There I said it, she’s beautiful. Ann Curry is the complete TV package.

Hey, I like Savanah Guthrie, but I don’t like her in the co-host position. Then I recently saw that Piers Morgan from CNN wanted to interview the Today Show folks and they turned it down! Were they afraid that Piers was going to ask the question that ALL of america wants to know about WHY Ann Curry was fired???

Jim Bell, if it was really his decision to have Ann Curry fired, he could’ve had this nipped in the bud months ago. But No, they decided to let MATT LAUER take the back lash for it. With freinds like this, who needs enemies.

Does anyone REALLY believe that?

I’d like to hear from Ann Curry. Heck, I’d LOVE to interview her! Ann, if you are reading, call me! I’d LOVE to do a Telephone interview with you and get your side of the story! If Ann Curry is REALLY happy doing these out of the country bits that no knows about becauwse NBC won’t tell people that Ann is doing something…If Ann is happy great.

To Recopy The Quote From Above:
Quote from the New York Times from Today Show Executive Producer Jim Bell; Ms. Curry is now “in the role she is naturally suited for.”

Does Ann believe this once in a while news bits they throw her are better suited for her VERSUS being on air 5 days a week??? NBC is to blind and are to full of ego to admit they made a HORRIBLE mistake. They NOW REALIAZE Ann Curry was LOVED and is Still LOVED by the public. I don’t think they know what to do.

If NBC Today Show asked me, I’d say be HONEST and tell the people what really happend. If they, “NBC Today Show” wants to capture credibility again, it must start with coming clean…

Ann Curry is still greatly missed on TV. Let’s hope NBC allows Ann Curry to share her voice and tell ther people how she is doing. How she feels? Is she happy doing these one off bits VS 5 days on the Today Show.

I’d like to see Ann have the option to do TV somewhere else is she so desires. NBC isn’t going to use her and people still want to see her, me included. I want to see her EVERYDAY day, not once every 5 weeks!

Keep Being Brilliant Ann Curry!
Robby LeBlanc

PS – Please excuse ALL the typo’s and misspellings! I was more interested in getting this out fast than getting it grammatically correct!

LIFE LESSON #13 – Learned on Mount Kilimanjaro

by Robby LeBlanc

“Forgiveness is me giving up my right to hurt you for hurting me”. –Anonymous

Treking on a Mountain like Kilimanjaro brings with it the opportunity to express one’s best and worst qualities. Las Vegas Guitarist Robby LeBlanc learned some valuable lesson while climbing this bad boy in July 2012.This was a FIRST TIME Kilimanajaro climb for everyone in our group with the exception of Werner Berger and our guides and porters. So it was only natural that nerves and energy levels varied, depending on the what aspect of the climb we were experiencing.

Tempers can run short for anyone when stress levels are pushed and physical and mental boundries are pressed.

For Instance:
On this adventure Werner Berger and our Master Guide Michael Kamilli led our group up Kilimanjaro.We truly had the best of two worlds from a GUIDE standpoint.

MAGIC Apparel Show 2012 in Las Vegas – Media Un-Welcome!

MAGIC Apparel Show 2012 in Las Vegas – Media Un-Welome!

I’ve heard about the MAGIC Apparel Show for years. It is recognized as the largest fashion trade event in North America. This year the event was schedule for August 20-23, 2012 at The Las Vegas Convention Center and Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. I figured it was about time I covered the event.

I called the 800 line for MAGIC on Wednesday August 22 to ask about covering the event. MAGIC asked me if I had a business card with my blog’s name. I said “YES”. They said bring it with you to registration and they will get you a pass to cover the event. Ok, so far so good.

The TODAY SHOW Fires Ann Curry as Co-host – BIG MISTAKE

The TODAY SHOW Fires Ann Curry as co-host… BIG MISTAKE!

I had just gotten home from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro when I heard the news that Ann Curry had been replaced by Savanah Guthrie on the Today Show. I was truly bummed out by the news. And to see how NBC did it, in RUSH style to try to get Guthrie a bit of a jump on the Olympic Coverage. They just chewed her up and spit her out. My God, Ann Curry is and has been a trusted voice on TV for years and for NBC to do what they did, and how they did it is DISGUSTING!

Secret Service Agents Caught With Their Pants Down? Bring in Donald Trump and FIRE THEM!

Secret Service Agents with ProstituteIf The Secret Service Did Buy The Services of a Prostitute While On Watch of The President of The United States, FIRE THEIR ASS!

Here is the first sentence of NBC NEWS Reporter Michael Isikoff explaining what appears to have happened over the weekend in Columbia with some of President Obama’s Security TEAM.

“By Michael Isikoff NBC News Two Secret Service supervisors and three members of the agency’s elite Counter-Assault Teams were among the 11 agents sent back from Colombia and placed on administrative leave over allegations that they brought prostitutes to their hotel rooms in Cartagena, law enforcement officials tell NBC News.”

When I first heard this, I was SHOCKED! Could this be possible? Part of the Secret Service TEAM that protects the President of the United States, was busy buying the services of prostitues while on the road with the President Obama.

Not just on the road but in a Columbia, South America! I just couldn’t rap my head around this allegation.