Karl Rove Wimped Out In Las Vegas!

I was down at The Barnes and Noble book store on Maryland Pkwy in Las Vegas for the Karl Rove book signing event. The event was scheduled from 12-2 pm, on April 9, 2010.

I showed up at about 1:20 pm and was greeted at the door. I asked “Is Karl Rove Book signing still going on?” She responded, “Yes, over there. I noticed there were very  few people in the store.  I thought the place was going to be  mobbed! Nope!

I said I was with Las Vegas News Blog and wanted to get a book and get a short 2-3 question interview. She called over Karl Roves people.

They informed me that there wasn’t time to do an interview. I said, he’s here till 2 oclock right? They said yes. I said there’s nobody here! They then got aggressive with me and said Mr Rove will not be taking any questions and do not ask him.

At this point I felt threatened by his handlers and a bit pissed off.

His book is called “Courage and Consequence” and his handlers have the courage of an ant!

Let me be clear, I was there to get a signed book for my father because his is a Karl Rove fan. I wanted to ask him 3 questions.

1. “How do you think the GW Bush legacy will be remembered?”

2.” I know you are a Republican strategist, but if you had 1 or 2 suggestions for President Obama, what would they be?”

3. “What are some new insights you discovered as a result of writing your book “Courage and Consequence?”

That’s what I wanted to ask. He could’ve answered it in less than 2 minutes! Nobody was waiting in line.

Now here’s the real problem…
With the lightening speed of reported news, and all the independent blogs out there, high profile people do not feel safe to give interviews as freely as they once did.

They don’t want to end up being the next YouTube feature of the week on Fox or CNN. They don’t want to be embarrassed.

As my friend John Daly shared with me today, “If on the other hand, I was a recognized conservative blogger, I probably would have gotten the interview.”

Rove is a master at what gets out to the press. He’s at his own book signing. He could have talked about his own book! What a thought!

It’s one thing to write about Courage and Consequence. It’s another to be Courageous and accept Consequence.

As I am finishing writing this post, I hear on the local news station that a big group of people went to Barnes and Noble after I left and tried to make a citizens arrest!  So much for Courage and Consequence.

In closing, I wish Karl Rove no harm and all the best. However,
I just had 3 simple questions. Plus, would’ve promoted his book!

In any case, I am disappointed that I didn’t get the interview
for you on Las Vegas News Blog.

Obama Makes History!

by Robby LeBlanc
President elect Barack Obama has made history
on a few different levels but the two that jump out

1. First African American To Be Eleceted President
of The United States.

2. His Fundraising Efforts Broke All Sorts of Records. Last
I Looked he had well raised over 600 million dollars for
his campign.

Yes change is coming!

We as American’s not only need change, but we need
a leader that has, vision and the skills to put those
ideas into action.

Now that he President Elect Obama has won the opportunity
to lead the next critical step in this process is his team.

His TEAM will make or break him.

There is no doubt that the TEAM he put together for his
campaign was great. Obama is using the latest Online and
offline technology to communicate with people and it’s

Even I got an email from President Barack Obama!

Barack Obama announced Thursday that former Clinton
administration aide Rahm Emanuel will serve as White House
chief of staff.

This is the first step in creating the TEAM…

We will all be keeping a close eye because we all have
sometihng to gain.

Our Economy has never been worse.
Our Housing/Foreclosures have never been worse.
Our Job loss has never been worse.

This is a battle and we all have to suck it up
and do what we can to pull through this.

At this point the problems we are having are not just
Republican or Democrat.

So keep positive and try to stay focused on solutions.

As Obama has said, Change Is Coming!

Until Next Time…
Robby LeBlanc

Obama’s Infomercial Has People Asking Questions

by Robby LeBlanc
I was listening to a big news station talking about Barack Obama’s
30 minutue infomercial last night. If you missed it, it is presently
our featured Video.

Anyway, the Mcain camp was saying how unfair it was while others
were saying Barack is ahead of the curvre when it comes to his marketing.

There is no doubt that Barack Obama’s marketing campaign has been
not only effective but brilliant. He has cracked the code for this election
for raising money online and he is doing it $5 and $10 dollars at a time.

I think he has raised close to $600 million dollars to date according to
an article I read on Bloomberg news today. These are record breaking numbers.

In a way it makes me sick that in order for politicians to get elected or
at least have a shot at winning, they need a huge budget in order to compete
and market themselves.  Mike Huckabee couldn’t stay in the race because
he didn’t have the bankroll to continue and I liked him. 

I am not mad at Barack Obama or John McCain for all the money they have
raised for there campaigns. They want to become President of The United States.
They both believe that they are the party of change.

However, wouldn’t it be nice if some of these politicians went after
Curing Cancer, Aides, Healthcare, IRS Reform, The Homeless with the same

The election is just round the corner and the winner will be McCain or
Obama.  Will things change all that much? Probably not.

But then again, wouldn’t it be nice if we all got surprised and real
changed happened?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

And once again, if you missed the Barack Obama’s infomercial
it is located in our Featured Video of the Day…

Albertson’s Was Jam Packed!

The Race for President is in full force! Both McCain and Obama are
encouraging people to vote early.

You know what? It’s working!

Yesterday I went to go shopping at Albertsons on Pecos and Desert Inn
and the parking lot was full. I had to drive around for 5 minutes to find
an open spot.

Keep in mind, I have never seen this much traffic at this Albertson’s ever
in my 10 yrs. of living living just around the corner. At first, I thought
maybe they are going out of business.

It was jam packed with early voters!
And Voting they are!

So, have you voted early?
If not, why not.

Have a Good Day,