The Republicans Hammered Kathleen Sebelius During the 3 1/2 Hours Congressional Meeting

AffordableHealthcareThis morning I tuned into CNN to catch the coverage of congress questioning Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius about the challenges with the Affordable Care Act rollout. AKA as “Obamacare”.

It was not just a QUESTIONING type of Meeting.The republicans beat the CRAP out Sebelius! It was disgusting to watch. It was painful hear.

It’s one thing to have a professional conversation between adults in order to discuss whatever challenges of the day happen to be. It’s quite another to BULLY, HUMILIATE, and BEATUP a person. Secretary Sebelius acknowleged and has taken responsibility for the errors and mistakes of this Obamacare rollout.

It’s no secret that the Obamacare rollout October 1, 2013 has been a mess.There is plenty of blame to go round. Maybe we will get the full story sometime, but right now we need the website corrected. However, before congress Sebelius did apologize and took responsibility for all the problems with the Affordable Health Care website.

When there is a problem one can be a help or a hinderance…
It’s very clear the Republicans are only interested in being a hinderance. During the hearing the Republicans were just down right rude and unprofessional during this meeting.

Sebelius is tough as nails. My hat is off to her. I found it interesting that the Democrats were able to ask Sebelius questions in a very calm and non-offending manner. And in turn have a conversation.

The Republicans on the other hand spent most of their time Bullying, Demeaning and Interrupting Sebelius when ever she was asked a question. They used her as a human verbal punching bag. Then at the very end of  the session thanked her for her time. WOW!

Obamacare is LAW. It’s here to stay like it or not and people can be part of the solution or part of the problem. as I see it right now, Republicans are clearly part of the problem.

I heard Wolf Blitzer from CNN ask a Republican if the they wanted to “FIX IT or NIX IT?” And as usual, the politician avoided the question with some other answer…

The Republicans may have thought being Rude and Inconsiderate would make them look good to their voters eyes. Guess what? It was Emabarressing to watch and Witness.

My feeling about Obamacare from the beginning has been that this is a good thing for the people. Specifically for those that have pre-exisiting conditions and those that could not afford health care before. Additionally, I also believe if after 12-18 months Obamacare was NOT a GOOD thing for the people, the people as a whole would SCREAM LOUD and CLEAR this is not working.Change would then be immenent.

At this point the Republicans are doing everything they can do to prevent Obamacare from moving forward. What do you think would happen if the Republicans actually tried creating a SOLUTION? what a thought!

MY DREAM would be that both the Republicans and Democrats  worked hard to create a health care system that really does work. It’s LAW so they might as well work together…

Come on guys…

Till Next Time,
Robby LeBlanc

PS – In the near future I’ll be writing about how the local Affordable Care Act is Rolling Out in Las Vegas…

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