The Junior National Golden Gloves 2016 Are Alive and Well!

Over 200 Fighters, Age 8-16, From All Over The Country Compete At This Prestigious Sporting Event!

“These Young Golden Glove Kids Throw More Punches in 3 Rounds Than The Floyd Mayweather VS Manny Pacquiao Threw in Their Entire 10 ROUNDS!

Two Golden Glove Warriors 2016Growing up, I remember watching TV with my dad, the Golden Gloves Championships on Wide World of Sports. We had a few of the older kids in the neighborhood training for the Golden Gloves. It was a big deal. They were the tough guys and ROCK STARS of the neighborhood.

At that time WINNING the Golden Gloves as seen thru my youg eyes was the path to winning the Olympics and then PRO Championship belt, just as Muhammed Ali did, then known as Cassius Clay.  Ali, a 6x Kentucky Golden Glove Champion, and then in 1960 the Olympic Lignhtweight Champion was and continues to  be the single most important and inspirational Boxers/Athlete of our time. He put the GOLDEN GLOVES on the map.

Fast forward to today, July 20-23, 2016, the Junior National Golden Gloves 2016.  The location is Mesquite, Nevada at the CasaBlanca Hotel Resort and Casino. Two hundred young fighters, ages 8-16 years of age from all over the country are here to WIN that Golden Glove Champion Belt!

From the opening bout, I was in total shock. These kids came to FIGHT. They came to COMPETE. They came to WIN. The maturity of their striking combinations, movement and SPEED was far beyond what I had expected. Granted, I cover mostly MMA, Jiujitsu and Entertainment. I was not that interested in boxing because I found it boring.Dr Brandon Snead Checking The Fighters

But now watching these kids brawl, I was blown away. At one point last night I remember thinking, “ These Kids Throw More Punches in 3 Rounds Than The Floyd Mayweather VS Manny Pacquiao Threw in Their Entire 10 ROUNDS!  These young competitors are EXCITING to watch!

You still have time to see Friday nights elimination bouts and the Finals on Saturday July 23rd.

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Call The CasaBlanca Hotel 1-877-438-2929

See You Ringside,
Robby LeBlanc

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