Steve Forbes Lectures at UNLV

Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, Gave a Lecture to UNLV April 25, 2012.

The Steve Forbes lecture was part of the UNLV’s Barrick Lecture Series. UNLV’s Ham Hall holds 1800 people and there wasn’t an empty seat in the house!

The chairman and editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, Steve Forbes, talked about Government, Taxes, Economy, Healthcare and the upcoming Presidential Election.

Forbes – On The ECONOMY:
“Concerning the economy itself this year is yes, it’s doing better than it was last year.”

Forbes recommends opening up healthcare to free enterprise system. Healthcare is one of the few businesses that can’t compete across state lines. Forbes believes if this type of competition was available, the pricing of healthcare would self correct.

At the end of all the Barrick Lectures I have attended, there has been a Q & A from the audience. This lecture was no different. One audience member asked if he would be open to serving in the Romney TEAM when elected, and Forbes replied, he wouldn’t be offered a position because he backed another candidate.

Forbes has been in the know for many years and understands how these political things work. He is probably correct in thinking Mitt Romney would not ask him to serve…

If Romney is elected, which I doubt will happen, but if he is, I hope he will have the sense to seek out the likes of Steve Forbes, not for his politics, rather for his BRILLIANCE…Because Forbes is truly BRILLIANT.

Forbes is not only wicked smart, as we use to say when I was a kid, but he is a REAL common sense guy. He can take the seemingly complicated issues of the day and make it EASY for people to understand. He see’s the problem and has solutions, EASY and COMMON SENSE solutions. Yet,many of these
solutions can’t get legs within ANY administration, Republican or Democrat.

Forbes also has a great understanding of the “NEW POWER GIANTS” Online, Facebook and Google. He also realizes the way magazines and books use to profit is OVER! It’s a new time and new business models are being created before our very eyes.

As Forbes shares,“I can tell you how exactly many people have read every article on” It’s knowing these numbers that is shaping how we are starting to do business today.

I felt privileged to have played my guitar at a fundraiser for Forbes back in 2000, when he was running for president. Back then he was talking about getting rid of the TAX code and going with a flat tax.Twelve years later, he still has a similar message, the TAX CODE is a mess, but the FACT is, NOBODY is going to change this beast. It would be great, but it ISN’T going to happen.


Everyone agrees the tax code is a mess and needs to be changed but NO ONE in ANY administration will take it by the horns and GETT’ER DONE!

This is what IRKS me the most about politics in general. There are solutions to many of our problems,common sense solutions. Yet, the politicians just seem to want to keep it complicated!

When I hear politicians say, after they leave office, “Well, now that I am no longer in office this is how I REALLY FEEL about XYZ! Statements like this drive my CRAZY! What happened to By The People, For The People. It doesn’t say For The Party, by The Party!

Now I’m just ranting! Anyway…

I had a short 30 second video interview with MR Forbes after his lecture.

Maybe next time I’ll get to ask a few more questions, like:
-What are you top 3 favorite books of ALL time, besides your own?
– What do you do for exercise?
– Are you a Classical, Jazz, Rock or Folk music kind of guy?
– Who has been your favorite America President and Why?
– What inspires you?

Bottom Line:
It was AWESOME to hear Mr. Steve Forbes share his thoughts UNLV’s Barrick Lecture Series.
Thank You for sharing Steve!

Keep Being Brilliant,
Robby LeBlanc

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