Starting May 3rd, in order to make a local call in Southern Nevada, you will need to add 702 to EVERY call, making it a 10 digit call.

No, you don’t have to add a 1 before the 702.
For Example: you will dial 702-xxx-xxxx

Yes it’s a hassle. Yes it’s a pain. The fact is, we ran out of numbers for Southern Nevada. So they will be adding a BRAND NEWW area code for Southern Nevada starting in June. And that area code will be 725.

Two Websites That  Can Help With Any Questions You May Have:

It’s going to take time to get use to the new dialing procedures. In a few weeks most everyone will be over the hump. With growth in any city, CHANGE is not to far behind.

Dial Away!
Robby LeBlanc, Las Vegas News Blog, Editor

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