Serious Issues Arise Two Weeks Into Government Shutdown!

Now Two Weeks Into The Government Shutdown There are Serious Issues Truly Being Shed Light On With Our System of Government. (Written by Guillermo Calvillo)

Plenty of things have culminated to bring us to this point. It all starts with a large movement of political platforms based on disinformation and grey facts stated by politicians and the media. Many of these platforms included the selling of the idea that the Affordable Care Act renamed Obamacare by the far right wing of the Republican Party, as a socialist economic disaster were government controlled health care would throw us into a Nazi like experiment that would kill off our elderly.

At no point during this maelstrom of false truths or stretched out portions in the legislation taken out of context were reputed or dismissed by the more informed politicians of the Republican Party on media outlets or during town hall meetings. Instead we saw a doubling down of such rhetoric spread far and wide with politicians selling potential voters on a promise that they couldn’t keep. They promised that the fringe would over power the majority at any cost. So now we see that cost being paid in full. Never before has a political party fallen into such disarray or approval ratings.

This party was once great with the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Dwight D Eisenhower, Nixon, and Reagan. Now they are the party of anti-socialism, anti-independent thinking, anti-scholastic learning, and uncompromising stances. This gamble has taken us to a stalemate based on political promises to a base motivated by lies. This promise was strengthened by an ever growing divide created by the media that holds no accountability to journalistic integrity. The fleeting hope is that politicians finally become people and look to the sea of people that they truly affect in this country outside of their district or state. Possibly this will motivate them to see the need for more diplomatic means to make better promises they can keep. The economic future of our country and world rest on those hopes.

Already we have seen the result of holding the Debt Ceiling for ransom…
America for the first time in its existence was downgraded in its credit score. At no other time prior has our country had such a smaller interest rate in borrowing money which could be used to help stimulate the economy. Many political figures on the Right have used figures based on Economic research that has said that the only way for forward mobility in the economy is through Austerity. Many countries in Europe have already done such measures with no signs of recovery. Such research has already been dismissed and proven to be ineffective but no politician would allow themselves to be accountable for any mistakes that would be shown to the public. Instead we get a reaction of gritting teeth and an even stronger push back and stance that it is the Elite that is wrong. Again we get another vocal message that there is the difference between hard working Americans and the so called Elitists in this country. More and more I hear reactions from people vocally against our President and moves for some sort of social and economic equality. Not because they disagree with the topic but because it is voiced from someone who through certain media outlets has been listed as a demagogue and a Muslim Socialist which neither are remotely true.

The debt ceiling itself comes down to the ability of the Treasury to sell Treasury securities or for the most part bonds to people that trust that the government will pay them back. From those bonds at another time the United States will pay them back with interest included. It’s a loan of trust for our government to use it wisely enough to bolster the economy without failure to do so. This shutdown calls into question the United States and its ability to hold to its obligations of money already indebted to them. If we were to even give the suspicion of instability our rating would change which it already has. The notion from some Senators that going into default even with only a small amount of our debt would not be harmful is asinine. It bothers me to no end that people paid to care and consider all sides of any issue would be so blind to the repercussions of their actions or words on the subject with interviewers and reporters.

To me at this point it doesn’t matter Democrat, Republicans, Independent, or Green Party, if you are elected in office it is to sustain the strength of the Union as a whole and not to a small fraction of constituents. Our union can not be fractured against topics that fall on the subject of morality or beliefs. Its that spinning or correlation around legislation or political topics that has brought us to this point already. That is the fuel that is setting this country on fire and blindly upset. The people need to start reassessing what they want out of their country and how we can get it better for everyone around us regardless of race, gender, or creed.

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