It’s Important To Fight For What’s Right

Dr Joe Kasper: www. FireYourDiet.comIf You Saw The Movie, ” WE ARE MARSHALL” You Will Absolutely Be Touch By This Short Story.

The Following Article Is Written By My Good Friend Dr. Joe Kasper. He is a Clinical Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist.



We live in a world where some people do not always speak the truth, have poor communication, hide behind text, email, face time, voicemail, etc.People have jobs where they rat out other people for things they could have solved by speaking to the person they have an issue with face to face. I know because I have been stabbed in the back on a number of occasions when I had a job for things I never did or said. I actually feel sorry for those people who live swallow lives like that, as it is a part of their being.

I also believe in fighting back for what you believe in.This past week I decided to watch the movie-We are Marshall. If a movie is about sports and motivation/inspiration, I am all in! The movie is a true story about the 1970 Marshall University Football Team that on its way back from East Carolina road game was involved in horrible plane crash near the campus and 75 people died.

Why am I writing to inform you about a plane crash, watch the movie and you will understand. As the movie ended, I remember meeting a man in West Virginia a little over Two years ago. We started talking about life, sports and he said he had a story that I certainly would like to hear. The guy was in his 60’s.

He informed me that he was a gifted wide receiver-football in 1968 and enrolled in a Military Academy for discipline and academics. Upon being at the school, upper classmen were considered officers and could do no wrong. One day about half way through his freshman year he noticed a student being yelled at and hit by a fellow student dressed in full uniform in the middle of campus. He walked over and was told, “keep walking soldier, this is none of your business.”

The young freshman said, it is my business, you are hurting a fellow student. The next statement was, “Do not interfere with an officer, keep walking and butt out!” The young freshman said, take your hands off of him. The officer immediately tried to deck the freshman and he ducked and cold cocked the officer, knocking him out!

Within seconds people came running to assist the officer and the freshman was taken away like a criminal. He explained to the headmaster what had transpired. They could care less. He was told, you injured an officer and you are being expelled Immediately. They added one more important bit of information. The scholarship you have waiting for you at Marshall University will be terminated as we are contacting them as well. This is instead of being brought up on criminal charges. If one has a choice of a criminal record and jail time or lose a scholarship, we both know what we would choose.

As the man explained to me by punching out an officer at the Military Academy in 1968, his life was saved. He told me without question he would have been on the Marshall Football team in 1970 and would have died in the plane crash. His wife, high school sweetheart as well explained to me that the plane crash as made him a better person. My reaction to the story was wow! I was not sure should I cry, be happy for the man, sad for the 75 people who died in the crash. The story is still emotional.

I so welcome your feedback on this

I do believe it is important to fight for what is right!

Dr. Joe

PS -What is right is fighting for your health. Never give up when it comes to being healthy-Mindset, Nutrition, Vitamins, Fitness, Relationships and Peace. You can have it all but if you do not believe, the fight is over, you lose!

PPs-With Weather here in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the mid 70’s, will I see you in the next few weeks/months at the Kasper Institute?

*Remember Your Health is Your Wealth, Never, Ever Forget It!

Dr.Joe Kasper
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