Are You Changing With The Times?

Frustrated PC userIt is said that that babies are the only one that likes change…

This past year it has become apparent that the music scene in Las Vegas has changed. Two years ago you see billboards on Rt 15 and 95 of famous musicians listed with their upcoming concert dates on the strip. Now you see giant billboards with DJ’s, yes, Disc Jockeys! FAMOUS DJ’s!

When I was growing up, “ Wolf Man Jack” was the famous DJ back in my day. Now Las Vegas has over dozen famous DJ’s on any given week.

What does that mean to the local musicians? It means less performance work. It means if musicians do not change with the times, their music career may just turn into a hobby.

Now lets talk technology for a moment. When the personal computer hit the market 30 years ago, it seemed straight forward. You plug it in, open a word doc and start typing. This was the beginning of the end for the typewriter.

Now, with the latest technology, we have so many things that are concerning; the hard drive, thumb drive, ram, external CD drive, the cloud, wireless keyboards, virtual hosting, wifi, backup, syncing with iTunes, photo sharing, photo streaming, drop box, complicated passwords, Not to mention “where is the start button”, ETC…

After all that, all you really want to do is print out a basic document on Pages or MS word. Bottom line, keep up to date with the technology or get left behind.

Are you overwhelmed with Social Media? You have Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instra Gram, Pinterest, Youtube,  Google Hangouts, ETC…

When it comes to searching and apply for jobs the idea of walking into a business and dropping off your resume is a thing of the past. Now its ALL about Social Media!  Now you need to apply online. If you are not computer literate, you will not be able to apply or upload your resume for the job you want.

Once again, keeping up to date with Social Media tools and trends will is not only important but critical to ones job and career success.

When it comes to Marketing your business, if you are not using Social Media, YOU WILL BE LEFT IN THE DUST! IT’s no longer an option, it’s a requirement just to compete in the market place.

So, “Are You Changing With The Times”?
Are you feeling the sting from NOT changing? Is this hitting close to home?

There is a famous quote:
“Change is the only constant”

The Marines have their mantra that helps to meet the challenge of Constant Change.
“Improvise – Overcome – Adapt”

Folks, the bottom line is, Change or be left behind.

I believe that the people 50 and older are having a bigger challenge with change than the younger folks. Twenty years ago a person used a phone for just making phone calls. Today, that smart phone is a complete computer!

The younger generation are born into this RAPID changing of technologies, so change for them, change is a day to day experience. Their brains are wired with the fact they know change is happening EVERY day.

Give any teenager the latest mobile phone on the market and they have it figured out in minutes! Hand that same phone to someone over 50 years of age and they want classes! They not only want classes, but NEED classes to use even the basic functions.

This article was inspired by the fact that I have been resisting some of the changes I need to make. For some of us over 50 folks, change is not always comfortable but it is critical. We are living and working longer so it’s best that we continue to grow, learn, and stay on top of the changes in technology.

The only way to overcome change is to embrace with open arms. How does someone do that? With lots of PRACTICE! Technology changes at such high rates of speed, practice will be ever so available! So embrace the best you can…

On that note, it’s time to change the oil in my car!

Happy Changing,
Robby LeBlanc

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One thought on “Are You Changing With The Times?

  1. Hi Robby, I happened upon your blog again and loved this one. We met at Paymon’s a couple years ago. Myself and two of my assistants took you to lunch there once too. Just touching bases with you, looks like the blog is doing great and your right I have a head time keeping up 🙂