The idea of (LVNB) LasVegasNewsBlog.com started on the “Rocky Balboa” movie set in 2005.  My girl friend Vickie and I were Ring Side Hi-Rollers, EXTRA’S. We sat in the first row just behind Cutman Extraordinaire, Jacob ” Stitch” Duran and former IBO Boxing Champion, Antonio Tarver.

That first day on the film set at 6am in the morning, there were about 4000 people around the ring and in the stands. At about 6:15am you could start hearing a quite chant…Rocky – Rocky-Rocky-Rocky! The volume developed into a Thunderous Roar! Then before my very eyes, Rocky, The Italian Stallion was making his entrance into the arena and into the ring!

It was surreal! Vickie and I were in the first row and “ROCKY BALBOA” was about 15 feet in front of us in the ring.The crowed went CRAZY, and so did we!

Robby LeBlanc is a World Class Guitarist, Documentary Film Maker, Social Media Junkie, Author, The MOTIVATOR MONDAY GUY, Sports Photographer ETC…